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Wick Dipper/Wick Trimmer Combo Pack

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This combo pack from Wickman comes with 1 stainless steel wick trimmer and 1 original wick dipper. 

Using these tools and following our proper candle burning procedures can significantly extend the burn time of your soy candles and eliminate soot and smoke from filling the air when extinguishing the candle.

Use the dipper to bend the wick in to the wax pool to extinguish the flame and eliminte the smoke from filling the air. Stand the wick upright again and let your candle harden. Coating the wick with wax can also preserve the wick and help re-light the candle quicker. 

Use the trimmer to cut the wick down to 1/4 inch before lighting the candle again to help with a longer and cleaner burn.

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