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Twigs O' Spruce ~ Scented Wax Melts

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If you like the smell of the outdoors, this is the perfect woodsy aroma for you. Twigs O Spruce is a powerful complex blend of spruce, fir, pine needle, and green fern with notes of clove, cedar wood, musk, and sensual amber. 

This item comes with 2 tart scallops that are approximately 1 ounce each. Each hand poured wax melt is made with a natural soy wax combined with additional natural botanical oils, fragrance oils, and candle dye.

These soy tarts are intended for electric burners that are 18-24 watts, specifically counter top burners, or tea light burners. 20 watt hot plate burners typically get the best results. Wax may not melt completely in wall outlet night light burners that are low wattage. We suggest using the soy wax cubes for light bulb type burners.

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