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Product Descriptions

This page contains descriptions and facts about individual products. You may use this page as a reference that may answer questions you have.

Container Candles - All of our container candles including the 16 ounce jar, small tin, large tin, highball glass, and tea lights are made with our 100 percent natural soy wax. These items contain manufactured fragrances made for candles along with candle dye. The wick is a natural cotton core dipped in natural wax for a steadier burn. This soy wax burns clean and even to the finish of the candle. Please read all warnings and safety information before burning your new soy candle.

  • Are the fragrances used in the candles all natural? No, although some of the fragrances contain natural essential oils they are man made synthetic fragrances made for candles.
  • Do the wicks contain lead or zinc? No, we use only natural cotton core and paper core wicks.
  • Are you dyes all natural? No, our dyes are typical petroleum based candle dye. You may choose the dye free option to avoid chemical dye. Most of our colors only contain a few drops of dye which is a very small percent of dye to wax ratio.
  • For questions pertaining to the fragrance throw, and performance of a candle please see the candle care instructions.
  • How Long do the candles last? The large jar can last up to 110 hours. The small tin will last up to 25 hours. The large tin will last up to 50 hours. The 8 ounce highball glass can last up to 50 hours. Our tea lights are a long lasting 5 hours.
  • Do you test your fragrances? Yes, all fragrances are tested in our products before listing them for sale. Many of the fragrances the work in wax melts may not work well for candles.
  • I don't see a candle fragrance listed in a particular size? Not all of our product options may be listed on the website, or are compatible with that certain item. Please contact us for more information on the availability of the item.
  • Do you make custom fragrances? Many fragrances work well alone, but may not perform well together. You may request custom fragrance blends, however improper testing may diminish the performance of the scent throw or it could be completely outstanding.
  • Can you make a custom items for a wedding or baby shower? Yes, we have done many candles for weddings, baby showers, customer appreciation gifts, employee appreciation, bridal showers, and much more. Please contact me through this website, Facebook, or request a custom order in our Etsy shop at
Soy Wax Clam Shells - Our clam shell melts are made with the 100 percent natural soy wax and are made dye free. The maximum fragrance for this product is 10 percent oil to wax and we use every bit of it.
    • How long will the fragrance last? Each fragrance will perform differently based on the warmer that you are using as well as the size of the space you are melting in. Should your wax melt not perform well, we suggest using a different wax burner or moving it to another location. Drafts, air conditioning, and other factors may also affect its performance. On average a wax melt will last 8 to 10 hours.
    • What type of warmer should I use with this wax? We suggest a 20 to 25 watt light bulb warmer, or a smaller plug in night light warmer for the best results. A tea light warmer may also be used. Hot plate warmers can burn off the fragrance quicker. Use our soy blend tarts in these hotter burners for better results.
    • How much fragrance do you use and can I request more? For this particular product we use the full 10 percent oil load that this wax can hold. Using more oil will not make the fragrance better.
    Tart Scallops and Votive Candles - Our tart scallops, votive candles, and blendy blocks are made with a blended wax of soy along with additional natural botanical oils that create a harder wax ideal for molded candles and melts.
    • What are the additional botanical oils in the wax? Unfortunately this is a trade secret from the manufacturer and the details are not known. The following is the information available for this blended wax.
    1. Are 100% vegetable, made with Pure Soybean oil, GUARANTEED!
    2. Are all NATURAL and biodegradable.
    3. Are manufactured meeting FDA standards.
    4. Are Kosher Certified.
    5. Are NOT tested on animals.
    6. Contain NO animal products.
    7. Contain NO palm wax.
    8. Contain NO petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products.
    9. Contain NO pesticides and NO herbicides
    10. Contain NO toxic materials
    • Are your waxes GMO Free? Our natural waxes are not manufactured with genetically modified materials however the soybean itself is genetically modified. 95 percent of soybeans grown are genetically modified. Companies that advertise GMO free wax have mistaken the process and do not understand the main ingredient (the soybean) is a GMO.
    • How much fragrance do you use for the tart and votive wax? The manufacturer specification for this wax is a 12 percent oil to wax ration. Based on testing we have found that it can hold more and we certainly use higher amounts for the fragrances that are not as strong.