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About us

Hi and Welcome!   My name is Jeremy and I am the co-owner of 16 Candles by J.P. Lawrence LLC located in Greenfield, Wisconsin. I began making candles in 2007 and added wax melts and lip balm two years later.

I learned about soy products from my brother in law who had started his own candle business in early 2000.  Since an early age, I've always enjoyed smelling and buying candles when shopping and I was excited that I was about to embark on learning how to make my own personal candle line. I started my company J.P. Lawrence LLC along with my partner, John, and began the process of building our company from the ground up.

Trying to think of our brand name proved to be harder than we thought. One day while we were looking at our property address numbers, we added them up, and the total was 16. We had a good chuckle as I thought of the movie and John thought of the song.  In either case, the name 16 Candles was born from that day forward.

We created a candle making and storage facility in our home and began the exploration and learning process of making soy candles. The original plan was to start with 16 different fragrances, however, that did not last long as the obsession of trying new smells was hard to resist. The list of fragrances since 2007 has now grown to over 130 and we continue to add new fragrances all the time. 

In addition to our retail line, we have amazing clients that provide us the opportunity to make specialized candles for their weddings, corporate gifts, holidays, showers, and memorials. Feel free to contact me with any questions about creating custom candles for your special occasion or private label products for your business. 

We truly have a wonderful client base and we love when they talk about how they love the products that we have created. 

Phone: 414-915-0483


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